Other Medical Treatments

Other medical treatments

In patients with advanced prostate cancer a range of drugs are now available. This includes Chemotherapy (with Docetaxol, Cabazitaxol), Abiraterone , Enzalutamide and few others. The chemotherapy is given as 6- 10 cycles supervised by medical oncologist. This has been a paradigm shift in the management of advanced prostate cancer. In addition to Hormones , additional treatment with one of the medications ( Abiraterone / Enzalutamide/ Docetaxol) is given as a first line therapy . Availability of many drugs will mean that an appropriate sequencing is required to get the best of each drug, but with least of the side effects.

Other surgical treatments

Prostate cancer treatments are advancing rapidly especially in last few years. Novel treatments such as Focal Therapy (targeting only the tumour area), HIFU ( High Intensity Focal Ultrasound) , cryotherapy ( freezing with ice balls) are being experimented with variable success and side effects In years to come it will be become clear as whether these treatments will be useful for the patients.