Prostate Cancer

Cancer of the prostate gland affects men mostly in their 60's. But it can happen in men at any age. The presentation of this cancer varies from completely symptoms-free patients to extremely symptomatic patients . Awareness is the key for early diagnosis which in turn allows potentially curative treatment.

Prostate Cancer In India

The cancer is being diagnosed more often, perhaps related to increasing awareness amongst public and wide availability of screening blood test (PSA blood test). Whether there is true increase in incidence of prostate cancer in India, is difficult to say and to prove. Prostate cancer is second most common cancer in some cities in India. Overall this cancer appears to be in 4thposition amongst cancer in men. This may be a reflection of better longevity in men. It is also due to the Increase in awareness in men too. Interestingly one of the etiology of prostate cancer is westernized dietary pattern of men in India which is yet to be investigated.

What Causes Prostate Cancer?

Being men and increasing age are two most important factors for prostate cancer. A range of other factors are also attributed to the causation of prostate cancer. This includes smoking, cadmium exposure, vasectomy, environmental carcinogens etc. Other than being men of increasing age, rest of the causes for prostate cancer is unclear. Smokers seem to have a higher incidence of prostate cancer. Prostate cancer is common in Afro-Caribbean men. Asian men have a lower chance of getting this cancer compared to other races.